There’s only 3 days left to rate designs for the Welovefine Hatsune Miku shirt design contest! If you haven’t already, please go on the contest page and rate my two shirt designs as a ‘5’! As a bonus, if you actually do rate all 416 designs, you get entered into a raffle for merchandise :D

Here’s the contest page!

Thank youuuu u3u <333


Sakura Miku wips on my twitter

Me and cherriuki are making a Vocaloid fanbook!


Official Chika art (+ back shots of casual and idol design and box).


Chika - ET CETERA (demo)

Chika is a new Vocaloid by Internet Co. that was announced yesterday!
She is scheduled to release on the 16th of October, 2014.
She is voiced by Chiaki Ito (伊藤千晃 Itou Chiaki), a member of the Japanese pop band AAA.

Here’s her Internet Co. page!


Magical Mirai 2014 & Together We’ll Create Miku! at Knowledge Capital merchandise. :3

favourite vocaloid pvs 1/?? -Sekiranun Graffiti

"While we’re breathing, love and music are all I need"

【Rin*Luka】drop pop candy【オリジナル】


my bae


wanted to try poses so i made rin rin rin rin!! my (shiny) wife

Atchi, kotchi, sotchi, dotchi?